Karatara Nursery

We supply Pine seedlings to the South African Forestry Industry.  Our nursery at Karatara, about 20km north of Sedgefield, supplies around 3.5 million genetically improved pine seedlings every year.  These are then shipped to forests from Tokai plantation on the Cape Peninsula in the west to Longmore plantation near Port Elizabeth in the east.

The main pine species sown at the nursery are:

Pinus radiata as seedlings and cuttings, of which we are sole providers
Pinus taeda seedlings
Pinus elliotii seedlings
Pinus ell x Pinus car.v.hond hybrid cuttings

We’ve recently invested in our own pine orchards and as a result will soon become natively self-sufficient in seed of both Pinus taeda and Pinus elliotii.

Standards are crucial to us.  To maintain disease free and high quality seedlings, Karatara nursery is accredited and annually audited by the Seedling Growers Association of South Africa.  The nursery is kept chemical free through the recycling and sanitizing of irrigation water by means of a Hydro-Peroxone system.

All of these investments are critical to our goal of being sustainable, and ensuring we can maintain the best possible quality and security of supply for our customers.

Contact Info

You can get in touch with Karatara Nursery as follows:
Contact person: John Mather
Office: 044 356 2844
Email: John@capepine.co.za

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Useful Info

Where is the pine from the Southern and Western Cape used?

None of it gets used for paper pulp, so it's probably used somewhere in your house.