Who is Cape Pine?

We are the largest wood company in Southern Africa. We nurture, tend and harvest extensive tracts of forest from the Mountain To the Ocean.

For us this is more than just a business. We hold a deep love and respect for the forest, in a tradition of South African woodcutters which can be traced back over 150 years. Our forests don't represent a commodity, but a perpetual ecosystem. And through our long-term commitment the quality of our wood, and our trees will be sustained for decades to come.

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What do we do?

Firstly we nurture forests sustainably. This is either indigenous forest, or it's pine which we tend from seedling through to wood product. This is then used by the building and furniture industry across Southern Africa. On average we plant three pine seedlings every minute of every day, throughout the year so when you find the badge 'eco-timber' or 'enviro-timber' on our wood, you know it's been earned.

Secondly we're passionate about sharing this beautiful and unique environment. We offer outdoor activities like hiking, biking, fishing, so you can come experience the forest we love for yourself!

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